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How does schedule demo work?

Most people want to play with CampusCurrent on their phones before buying it for their school. So we give you a 30 minute tutorial so that you can try all of the new features and ask us questions. We can do this with you on video chat or at your office.


What's the set-up process: Do I have to do a lot of work?

No, it's simple. After you've purchased CampusCurrent, send us your school logo and colours and we will custom design a "skin" that's unique to your school. You'll also need to tell us if you'd like to go with our default content Tabs ("Events", "Academic Dates", "Student Government", "News" or if you'd like to create your own.


Will you give me advice on how to get our students do download our app?

Yes, we'll give you poster and email templates. We're very good at getting your app launched! you'll even get barcodes that students can scan to download the app!

Can I change plans at any time?



Are there any per-user fees?

No. The prices above include unlimited users and unlimited pageviews per user.


Do I have to sign a long term contract?

Yes, you need to sign a 3 year contract because the costs above are discounted so that CampusCurrent is accessible to all schools


Can I customize CampusCurrent further?

The graphics and colours are already customized for your school, but if you would like to add a new feature that doesn't come built in then we can quote it and custom build it for you.


Will new device handsets work with Campus Current?
Yes, of course. CampusCurrent is continually updated behind the scenes without you having to worry about compatibility.


Any questions before you sign up?

If you have any questions about CampusCurrent or the sign up process just submit a support request and we'll get right back to you.


Legal stuff:

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