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YES, CampusCurrent exceeds each objective below. Visit website at Call 1-888-688-8567 today and we will let you in.

Your campus mobile application platform must:

    • Work with devices your students already own
    • Use your existing content management system
    • Update in Real-time
    • Be simple to install and upgrade
    • Minimize data usage
    • Be accessible to your students offline
    • Provide robust analytics and content tracking
    • Secure your content from vandalism
Campus Current Mobile AppCampus Current Mobile App

campuscurrentCampusCurrent ( is a customizable mobile application platform designed and built for universities and colleges by Undercurrent MOBILE (Undercurrent). Undercurrent designs and builds mobile applications for universities and colleges on Android, Apple and BlackBerry platforms. Undercurrent is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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